9 letters that completely change the game.

So there’s this thing called copyright. If you don’t know it. You should. It may just save your life…Ok, I’m being a little dramatic, but it is pretty important. In today’s class we discussed what copyright allows and doesn’t allow us to do. We were able to find all the information needed from RMIT’s copyright for blogging page.

There is so much content on the internet that anyone can get anything from anywhere. This puts content creators in risk of having their work altered or taken from them without any acknowledgement, this is where copyright comes in. It is a law that protects a creator’s work from internet trolls.  As a blogger, I have become a contributor to the online space, which means there are certain responsibilities that I have been bestowed to me. If I decide to use a image, that image would need to my own or taken from a Creative Commons database. I haven’t used much content from this database but I’ll definitely be looking into it further. In the past, I’ve mostly used my own photos or credited/linked others work from my blog. I’ve always tried to be careful when dabbling into the copyright world.

Lastly, copyright allows embedding! Yay! So if I wanted to share a video or a song with you, I’m able to link it here and not get it into trouble. Embedding is the key!

– S.


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