Being a blogger isn’t just about writing and posting whatever you like. There needs to be some ethical thought behind each post–is it offensive? is it a lie? will you lose respect? It’s these questions that need to be seriously thought about as a content producer. It seems pretty simple right? But sometimes we may not realise our actions, so it’s important to have an understanding of the ethics behind blogging.

As you may or may not know, there was huge controversy over a video made by the number one most subscribed YouTuber, PewDiePie. Without diving too deep into the controversy, a joke was made and it didn’t turn out too well; people left hate comments, big news outlets portrayed him as a terrible human being, and even YouTube made the decision to pull his videos off of YouTube Red. There’s a lesson to be learnt from all this. Although PewDiePie felt his ‘bro army’ would understand his humour, he failed to think about those who wouldn’t understand and find the joke offensive. Being a blogger or an internet figure requires diligence no matter how big or small your audience is. At the end of the day our work is exhibited for everyone to see, and with that much power comes great responsibility. Even if you have no ill intention, as shown in PewDiePie’s case, it can still be hurtful.

In the past, I didn’t really think too much about ethics however, reading up on it has made me think about how important it is for any blogger to take a second thought before posting.

– S.



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