My Media Use #1.

Day One.

This blog post is just the beginning of various posts to come. I will be observing and documenting my media use and then delving into why I did what I did. As I write a list of all things I did in the last 24 hours, I realised that it wasn’t as much as I thought it would be. I conclude that it’s because I was at university all day and by the time I came home I barely had any time for myself. However, in such a busy day I still managed to be online.

I was able to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Gmail. I used Gmail to check if I had any new emails on both my personal and school email. I then proceeded to write two emails. On Facebook, I scrolled through my newsfeed to check out any interesting videos or posts that had caught my eye (mostly about animals). I then ‘reacted’ to these videos and news articles by liking, loving, or placing a sad face. I did this to contribute to the post as well as letting my friends know how I felt about said video or news article. I also shared an event that I thought would interest some of my friends on Facebook. Alongside that post I also wrote a comment to tell my friends what I thought of the event. This was done by initialing following the venue’s Facebook page and then sharing the event from their page to mine. I did this as a way of promoting the event further as I know some of my friends don’t all follow the venue’s page.

I spent the rest of my time on either google docs (for a group project) or on WordPress trying to finish up any other blog posts I needed to complete. Once completing each blog post I placed it in its category and also used tags, as found on the sidebar when drafting a post. As I worked on the blog posts I would sometimes find myself grabbing my phone and going on Instagram, mostly because a notification would let me know if someone liked a photo I posted from a few days back. Although not spending a lot of time I noticed a few posts made by Drake about his release of More Life; It was then that I decided to open up Spotify and listen to Drake’s new album as I continued working on my blog posts. I did this not only because I like Drake but also because as a Music Industry student its important to be informed on all things music, especially if its within a genre that interests you. After working on the posts I watched one episode of Daredevil on Netflix, and then just before I decided to stop myself from using anymore media I scrolled through Instagram once more; Liking photos from people I follow as well as liking photos that would come up in the browse section (found when clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen). Although there were a few other apps/websites I clicked into, these were the main few that I spent most of my time on.

– S.


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