My Media Use #2.

Day Two. 

The sound of my alarm awakens me. I get out of bed and open up the weather application on my phone to help me determine what style of clothing to wear–it’s the first media usage of my day. As I make my way to my internship, I place my headphones on and start listening to the Graduation album by Kanye West via Spotify. The rest of my media usage mainly takes place at my internship; I checked and sent emails and mainly used Facebook. My activity on Facebook consisted of sharing events, liking posts made by the venue, and looking up RMIT club pages that I could inform about the venue. When I used it for personal use I would ‘like’ videos and photos that would appear on my newsfeed. I also tagged my friend in a post because the joke reminded me of the two of us.

Later that day I spent majority of my time on Messenger, YouTube, and Instagram. I used Messenger to chat with friends, although… I’m not even sure if I would call it chatting. Most of the time it was using gifs to describe our reactions to things. Nowadays a gif is worth a thousand words. I also sent some YouTube videos to friends via Messenger by copying and pasting the URL to them. I thought they would find the content entertaining.

I was on YouTube for quite some time. I would watch videos that were recently uploaded by YouTubers that I subscribe to, and I would watch videos that were recommended to me by YouTube. Sometimes they can be relevant, other times not so much. A recommended video that popped up on my home page was about a young woman whose husband had recently passed away. I was so shocked by the title that I clicked on it and heard her story. Although I had never seen this YouTuber before I was so touched by her story that I felt the need to comment on it, sending her my condolences. As I scrolled down on the comments section of the video it was filled with kind words of support that I ‘liked’ a few of the comments made (mostly the ones that made their way into the ‘top comments’). After watching a few more videos, I used the search bar on YouTube to find ‘karaoke videos’. I enjoy singing and I try to practice as much as I can, so I use the instrumental videos of my favourite songs to sing along with.

Lastly, I opened up Instagram to check out the latest photos that had been uploaded by people I follow whether that be friends or strangers. Instagram immediately notified me at the bottom of my screen that I had received 19 new followers. I immediately questioned this because I hadn’t posted anything new in a few days and it happened way too quickly. I clicked the love heart symbol at the bottom and it showed me every recent activity that was made on my page. I read the names of all 19 “people” and noticed they were just spam accounts. One by one I went through them all reporting their profile to Instagram. Although they may have boosted my numbers, the idea that they’re not active Instagrammers and that they actually have no interest in my content really bothers me. Instagram is a place where I share my love for music and fashion, and so connecting with real content creators that share the same interests as I do is important to me.

– S.


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