My Media Use #3.

Day Three. 

Thursday’s are usually a chill day for me. I have a bit more time to do what I want to do, and usually that means the media usage is quite high. This week however my Thursday was spent among friends so my usage wasn’t as high as it would normally. I spent the first few hours of the day coming up with choreography for a dance class, and then also listening to different playlists that would appear on my homepage on Spotify such as, ‘Throwback Thursday’.

I also uploaded a photo onto Instagram. My friend had taken the photo of me on my iPhone from last weekend when we went out for brunch, and I decided that now was a better time than any to upload it. I say this because I uploaded another photo a few days earlier and I like to leave some time in between each upload. I post photos not only to share it with my friends but also to share it with people who I think will like the kind of photos I upload (which is why I find tagging extremely useful). However, it’s always such a process when uploading a photo onto Instagram; first you have to decide which of the few hundred photos you took is the best one, and then when uploading it you choose how you want to edit it. In my case, I barely use filters, nowadays it’s all about that brightness and contrast. After the editing process comes the caption and tags. On my Instagram I like to put a name of a song as my caption. I do this to express an emotion I may have felt at the time or because I felt the song captures the story behind the photo. I also think it’s a good way to share songs that I think people should listen to. Sometimes I already have a song in mind, other times I search for songs on Spotify by looking up ‘mood playlists’.

Later in the day I went back onto Instagram to check how many people had liked the photo. I received a few followers and decided to check out their own content. One Instagrammer in particular was a musician, and the kind of photos he had were beautifully shot. I liked his aesthetic, so I clicked on a link in his bio that took me to his website. From there, I clicked on another link that would send me to his SoundCloud page so that I could check out his music. I enjoy finding music this way because sometimes you find hidden gems. I also received a comment on my photo from a fellow Melbournian asking where I had found the street art so I responded back telling them where to go. I always enjoy it when people leave comments or ask questions because it means people like the content I produce and it makes me want to upload frequently.

– S.


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