My Media Use #4.

Day Four.

It’s a Friday morning. I wake up, roll on my side, grab my phone and check to see if there are any notifications. I see one from Facebook, I tap the app to see who its from and fall disappointed when I see that it’s just someone who has commented on a post that I liked. I continue to take a stroll down my news feed to see all kinds of animal videos (specifically dogs and cats), and humorous memes which I call my friend over to check out, “look! this is hilarious!” I say. Later in the day, as I’m sitting at my desk at my internship, I’m asked to do various jobs that requires using Facebook. My boss selects me to be an admin on their Facebook page which allows me to add content. I spend my time writing and scheduling posts to their Facebook page so that their profile is active with their followers, as well as promoting their artists. I do this by writing up the post and then clicking the drop down button next to the word ‘publish’ which will then give me the option to ‘schedule’, from there I choose the time and date the post should go live. I also share the artist’s gig to my own personal profile so that its reach increases, and if also by chance any friends would be interested in attending. I also used Spotify in the workplace because of all the music recommendations; I used the platform to save albums so that I’m able to listen to them off my phone later whether I’m on or offline.

After a long day of Facebooking and chatting about all things music, I use Snapchat to take a quick ‘snap’ of the outfit I had been wearing and post it to ‘my story’. I then take a selfie of me in the car (as a passenger…don’t drive and snap!) and write about how I was on my way to a trivia night. Throughout the night I take pictures of the trivia night as well as a video of a friend of mine winning a prize, and I also upload those onto ‘my story’. Snapchat is usually the place where I post random and somewhat interesting things. I use it to show my friends what I’m up to as well as sharing outfit ideas. It’s a place where I am my most casual self; I know that on Snapchat I can be a bit weird or share things I know only my close friends would want to see, rather than a bunch of strangers from Instagram who just prefer to see the highlights of your day. I admit that I use Snapchat on a personal level compared to how I use Instagram. It’s kind of like a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot… the ‘before’ picture would be uploaded to Snapchat whilst the ‘after’ would be on Instagram.

The link below basically describes what I’m talking about.

– S.



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