My Media Use #5.

Day Five.

Sweet Jesus, it’s Saturday! You can just hear it…the beer bottles clanking, Beyoncé asking for all the single ladies, and your heels hitting against one another in your hand after you’ve decided enough was enough. At least that’s how I pictured my Saturday. In reality, I had a lovely lunch with friends whilst playing lawn bowls and then that night I decided to binge watch a bunch of shows. It was wild! In all seriousness though, my media usage was all about that YouTube and streaming life.

Yes, I checked my Facebook, replied to friends on Messenger and checked out my Instagram but, most of my hours were poured into catching up on shows such as New Girl, Bob’s Burgers, The 100, Young & Hungry, and Baby Daddy...just to name a few. I then jumped on YouTube and began to sing along with more karaoke videos, I watched people talk about their ouija board experiences, and then watched people actually playing with the ouija board. I can’t even begin to explain how I ended up watching those videos; YouTube is a dark place. I believe at one point I was watching Shane Dawson’s videos and then on the side, YouTube recommended I watch a YouTuber talk about her ouija board experiences…it snowballed from there. I’m not sure why I fall into the trap of watching ‘recommended’ videos but I think it’s because for me, YouTube is a place where I know I can kill time. I’m able to watch videos from people I subscribe to but, I can also watch strange things that manage to entertain me; Until it reaches that point where you know you’ve gone too far down the rabbit hole. I don’t just watch videos but I’m also active, whether that means liking a video, a comment, writing my own comment, or even sharing a video to Twitter and/or Facebook. This time, I wasn’t overly active, I only managed to ‘like’ a few videos and comments.

Lastly, I used a streaming website where you can watch a ton of different shows. It may or may not be legal but, it’s out there. I found this website through a friend’s recommendation, and I use it because I don’t have Foxtel (where I would normally find most of these shows). I do use Netflix regularly but they don’t have all the shows I watch, but even if they did they’re always one season behind and I like to stay up to date with all the latest episodes. New Girl for example, is available to watch on Free To Air TV but I don’t watch it because, not only has my laptop also become my own personal television but also because it’s always an episode behind. I’m terribly impatient if it’s not obvious already. This website allows me to click on the title of the show and show me all the episodes that have been released for that show. Once I click the name of the episode, it takes me to a page where a video file appears and I press play.

Like I said… it was wild!

– S.



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