My Media Use #6.

Day Six. 

Sunday, also known as the day where you finally begin all that work that you decided not to do throughout the week. Firstly, I opened the Wunderlist app which showed me a checklist of things that needed to be completed. I added a few more things on the list as a way of motivating myself to actually do them. Once I completed a piece of work or activity, I simply just click on the little box beside it and it disappears. The app is not just available on the iPhone but it’s able to be installed on iPads and MacBooks, so I’m able to use it across multiple devices. Most of the work was done by using Google Docs and Google Drive, but I also used a blog website called SquareSpace, and another site called Canva. In between all that work I unfortunately was able to get easily side tracked by checking out Snapchat stories and ‘liking’ Instagram pictures.

I used Google Docs to start drafting up a reflection piece I have to write for another class, and I also used Google Drive to upload pictures and videos needed for my career portfolio project. I did this knowing that I wasn’t going to take my laptop into uni the next day (which already has the files stored), instead I was going to use my iPad and I knew that using Google Drive was the easiest and accessible place to store my files whilst being on a different device. As mentioned before, I also used SquareSpace and Canva. These two websites were also used to work on my career portfolio project. I’m using SquareSpace to create an online portfolio where future employers can go and look at all the projects I have worked on in the past as well as getting to know who I am. Once I signed up, I chose a neat and simple theme that I thought would look aesthetically pleasing and professional. It took me a few tries to understand how to customise my page but once I knew what to do I was able to start creating a homepage, about me, CV page, and a past projects page. I used Canva to design an image for the homepage and to also redesign my resume. This can be done by using templates (that you can redesign), or you can start from scratch and use the different elements that they provide. Canva has a very user friendly interface which makes it easy for people to design things such as resumes, album covers, posters etc. It’s also great for people who have zero patience for Photoshop such as myself.

Although I was able to squeeze in a little time for my own online habits, most of my media use was dedicated to uni work.

– S.


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