Last week we were asked to keep track of our media use for a whole week and write up a blog post about what it was that we used and why.  In the beginning I thought that it going to be impossible having to keep track of every little thing I was doing, so to make sure I wouldn’t forget anything I would keep notes of every platform I had used.

Before I had started the blog posts I already had the idea that I was going to repeat myself at some point, especially because I know how much I’m frequently on Facebook. As I wrote the first blog about what I had used in the last 24 hours, I wondered how every other day was going to differ. I found that during my week, after writing up each blog post, the main platforms I would use are Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat and YouTube.

At times the media I used was task based, which meant that I was using it because I needed to use it for my internships or for uni work. But in saying that I still used media personally because it was my way of winding down.

I also noticed that the amount of media used did vary from day to day. Sometimes I would spend various hours on YouTube or using various different social media platforms which meant that day was my ‘down time’ day, other times I would spend most of my time emailing or on Facebook which meant they were work days, and other times I would hardly use media at all and that would usually mean my day was busy with uni work or I was around friends.

– S.


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