My Media Use #7.

Final Day. 

In the first ‘My Media Use’ blog I mentioned that I didn’t really do too much because I was at uni all day. Well seeing as it was Monday…again, the same thing applies. It was the day of back to back classes and lectures, and had very little time to check anything. In the morning I opened up that weather app so I would know if it was going to be hot or cold– knowing Melbourne it would be both, and then later I opened up Spotify to listen to music on the way to uni and also on the way home. I use this time to either listen to new albums that I’ve been meaning to listen to or just random songs I feel in the mood for.

During my first one hour break I opened up Google Docs and worked on an essay. At times I would receive messages from a friend on Messenger so I would open that up on my phone and reply back. When my second one hour break came along I was mostly socialising with friends but at one point I did receive a notification on Instagram telling me that my friend replied back on a post that I had tagged her in– I responded with a ‘like’. As I was already on Instagram I did a quick scroll to see if there was any photos that I liked. After my break I went back onto SquareSpace to work on my career portfolio and I added a few pictures of my past projects. When I got home I worked on a few blog posts on WordPress and then watched the latest episode of Bob’s Burgers off a streaming site.

Most of this day was around uni work or completing work in class and it was less about using media for personal use. I think the two places I spent the most time on was Messenger and WordPress. Messenger was used to chat about random topics and also trying to plan a time to meet up. WordPress was used for working on blogs and basically trying not to fall behind.

– S.



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