During this research project I realised that it was much easier keeping up with that I used than I thought. In my head I would go through every social media platform like I was reciting the alphabet. This also told me that even though my time on each media platform would vary from day to day, it also showed me that I had a daily routine that I would unknowingly stick to. It was around the fourth day when I noticed that I was placing unnecessary pressure to do something different because I felt as though I was stuck in this cycle and I was just doing things out of habit rather than doing it as a necessity–but I knew I had to do things that came naturally to me rather than doing something because I had to document it.

I also noticed that majority the time I would passively use media. I would just watch things, or ‘like’ it, or just simply scroll to look at different content– I wasn’t actually producing content myself. Sometimes I would upload a photo on Instagram or share things on my Facebook page but it’s not something I do frequently, unless I’m using social media for business purposes. It made me question does media influence me or do I influence media even when I think I’m being passive? How much is technology shaping us? I mean… there was a time when I used to sit the lounge room and watch TV but now I sit in my room and use my computer to stream television shows. In my weekly blog posts I would write why I did what I did, and I mentioned how I use Snapchat and Instagram differently from each other. Do I use them differently because it’s the way I wanted it to be or is it because the media influences me to use it that way?



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