In the beginning I was nervous to find out how much media I was actually using. It was kind of like having someone ask you to note down the nutritional values of everything you ate… you knew it wasn’t going to be good. But as mentioned in my ‘evidence’ post it wasn’t as bad I thought it would be. However, I know I did spend a lot of time on media platforms such as YouTube so, it would be good to write down just how much time was spent on each media, and what the ratio was between when I would use media to be active and distribute content to friends, and when I would use media because of notifications from friends wanting to show me something. I realise that would be much more challenging to know especially when half the time you’re not even realising what you’re doing but it would it interesting.

I discussed in my ‘evaluation’ post that I was a passive user of media rather than an active one, and with that I proposed multiple questions with the focus being on whether media and technology are actually influencing us. I  would like to approach this topic for my essay because I felt that I was using media without thinking, as though it were just a part of me. Using media sometimes was like watching the world go by and not doing anything about it. I would like it to be more than just mindless scrolls through the newsfeed or consistently double tapping on my screen to ‘like’ various Instagram posts. I would like to contribute a lot more online especially when it comes to my future line of work. As a music industry student you have to be visible online and use media to be as creative as possible to be able to sell something.

Therefore, I will be looking at different theories focusing on the relationship between people and technology.




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