Yes, this is she. 


My name is Sara and I am a Music Industry student currently undertaking a Networked Media class. I hope that this blog becomes something that’s not only a piece of me but also becomes a platform where I can enrich my skills.

This blog will be a learning space where I’ll be completing class tasks and assessments but, it will also be a place where I write things that interest me and hopefully you. Sometimes it’ll make sense, other times I’ll probably take you on a wild ride of tangents but the point will usually come across. I also enjoy taking and sharing photos, not because ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and that it’ll save me from actually writing anything, but because I genuinely want to show you some cool pictures.

I am a Netflix addict, I love music (recommendations are welcome), and all things fashion.

I hope you enjoy this crazy ride.

– S.